Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I add users?

Click on the three line icon at the top left and click Users. Click New User button and fill out fields in pop up box and select role(s) for the user. This is where you will add all office personnel and drivers. The role you assign will indicate the info each user can access.

How do I set up my drivers?

Anyone with Admin permissions can set up a new driver. Click on the three line icon at the top left and click Back Office, then Drivers. Make sure to complete all required fields as indicated by a *.

How do I get my customers, shippers and consignees into the Truxio system?

 There are multiple ways to set up contacts. Add contacts one by one via Business Associates – Click on customers, shippers or consignees. You can also add your customer’s related shippers and consignees in the same screen. You can also add a new contact when you are creating a load. In the contact field, click on the drop down menu and select “Add New”. If you have a list of contacts you can also use the Bulk Import link to the left. Need help? Email or call us at 1-888-790-4679.

Can my drivers see all my load information?

No, they only see the dispatch info for the load.

How do I change a user’s email?

It’s not possible to change someone else’s email address on our system, but it’s very easy to change your own email address. Here are the steps the user would take to update their email address:

1) Log in with your current email address.
2) Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A dropdown will appear. Click “Profile” to visit your profile page.
3) Change your email address to the desired one using the input shown on the profile page. Click “Update”.
4) You will be sent a verification email containing a 6-digit numeric code. Copy that code so that you will be able to paste it into the screen in the next step.
5) Log into Truxio again with your new email address (same password).
6) You will see an email verification page. Enter the code you copied into the Confirmation Code field on that page. Click “Verify Email”.
7) Congratulations, your email address has been updated! Remember to use your new email address the next time you log in.

How do I get my drivers on Truxio?

Drivers can download the Truxio app via Android and IOS app stores. When each driver is set up, he/she will receive an email with a confirmation code to use to log in to the app on their phone. Then each driver can set up their own password. Drivers will not be able to access the website unless you specifically give them additional permissions in the User settings.

How do I change my password or a user’s password?

Any admin user can change a password by going to Settings – Users and clicking on the green key next to the user’s name.

I need help getting started.

Call or email us! We have a full implementation team that dedicates their time to you specifically.  They will walk you through from start to finish and basically hold your hand on entering users, your drivers, entering a few loads and also helping the drivers get on their driver app.  Email or call 1-888-790-4679 from 8:30am – 4:30pm Central Time

How To Use

How do I create loads for dispatch? 

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Loads from the drop down menu. Click on the New Load button on the right hand side and enter load info.

How do I update load status?

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Loads from the drop down menu. To change the status of the load, click on the load number and change the Status setting at the top left of the screen. You can also change the status of multiple loads at once.

How do I upload documents like POD, RCS, BOL, receipts, etc?

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Loads from the drop down menu. Click on the load you want to update. At the top left, select the Documents tab and click the Upload button to select the document you want to upload. You will need to save your document to your computer in order to be able to upload it. Remember the location where you save the document so you can find the file when you use the Upload function.

How do I audit loads to ensure all documents are uploaded prior to invoicing?

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Back Office – Invoicing. Click on the load you want to audit to view Load Info. At top left of load detail, click on the Documents tab to verify that documents have been uploaded and confirm the Rate on documents matches what is entered in the Load Info tab.

How do I invoice customers?

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Back Office – Invoicing. After a load status has been marked delivered then audited, you can create an invoice. Click on the Create Document button at the top right of the sheet and select Create Invoice. At the top right you can select Print or Save the document to your computer. Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom right and Email the invoice and related documents to your customer.

How do I keep track of which invoices are paid?

When you receive payment, go into Back Office – Invoicing. Search for loads with a status of Invoiced and mark the status as Paid.

How do I pay drivers?

Click on the drop down menu at top left, select Back Office – Driver Pay. Select the driver name from the drop down menu to see loads assigned to that driver. You can see which loads have been paid in the Pay Status column. To pay a driver, check the box at the left of the load that you want to pay. Click on the Create Settlement button at the top left of the screen. You will enter any fuel deductions if applicable and click Continue. If there are no fuel deductions, just leave blank. Next you will see the Driver Settlement sheet. At the top right you can click a button to email or print the document. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen and this will change the status of Driver Pay to Paid.

Many loads are for the same customer / shipper / consignee, how can I create a load without having to input tons of customer data each time?

You can duplicate the load info of any active load that has not been delivered. Select the check box to the left of the load you want to copy, and look for the drop down menu at the top left. Select Copy Load and click Apply. 

 My driver doesn’t like to be tracked and traced. Is it automatic that they will be?

No, there is a tracking setting within the app that they can turn off at any time. Go to the drop down menu at the top left and de-select the Tracking feature.

How do I get support?

Email, phone: 1-888-790-4679, Hours: 8:30am – 4:30pm Central Time

Factoring Questions

What kind of rates do you offer for factoring?

We are usually capable of matching or beating the current rates that are out there.

Do you offer fuel cards?

We do not currently offer fuel cards, however, we hope to offer them in the future.

Do you do same day funding?

Yes, if you send off your invoice before 2pm CDT you will receive same day funding.

Are you recourse or non-recourse?

We are a recourse factoring company, however, we provide a buy/no buy list that allows you to check the status of any broker or customer you work with.

Can you do buyouts of current factoring contracts?

Yes, if you send us your information we can work on proceeding with a buyout.